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The tour description says this tour has strenuous walking/Stairs. Could those who have taken the tour comment on whether it was the nature of the sights that you went to that determined this? How much flexibility was there for those who may need to limit the walking , stairs? For example, our tour guide in Russia was able to point out the elevator (old one) in several museums and where my dad could sit to join us if he wanted to cut out a few rooms in the Hermitage. Also, do the hotels for this tour have elevators ?

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Diane, we did this tour in 2015. In Prague we stayed at the Metamorphis. There were elevators to the hotel rooms. However the breakfast room was in the basement down a set of spiral stairs. There is a sturdy hand railing. In Budapest we stayed at the K and K ,which is a fairly large tourist hotel. Plenty of elevators.
I also have challenges with stairs, but I don’t remember it being a problem at the places we visited. I think there was elevator access in most places. I do remember that during “ walk and talks” guides usually stopped at a place where there was some seating.
This is an excellent tour. It provides you with a broad background of the history, major sites and how to use the public transport. This tour was such a good foundation that we have returned to both cities ( for music) on our own. Our tour leader George went above and beyond every single day. He created lots of “ coffee and cake” breaks, checked in with every person individually each day to see how things were going, and shared so many fascinating and personal stories and experiences. A gentleman and a scholar.
Feel free to send me a PM if you have any more questions.

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Just to let you know, all tours to the same location don't necessarily stay at the same hotels every time. They might be the same and might not. The Rick Steves office may be able to tell you more information about the hotels they use if you contact them directly.

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I also did this tour (with George!) in 2015. There was a lot of walking and stairs (going up to and around 2 castles, public transportation). One member's pedometer noted over 7 miles in Prague. I loved this tour, but don't recall about the elevators.

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We are seniors and we went on this tour in 2017. It was excellent. There was walking but we kept up OK. We took a bus to a higher elevation. The hotels had elevators.