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Power outlets on the bus?

We are going on the My Way Alpine tour soon. I just downloaded some Rick Steves' audio tours, which got me thinking.... are there power outlets on the busses they use?

Thanks !


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I have taken 10 RS tours up through October last year. None of them with a bus had one with power outlets.

But then the last bus had WiFi which was a first for tours I have taken so power outlets might not be impossible on future tours.

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My experience has been similar to Mark's. I've done 7 tours, none of which had power outlets. That was for travel in Italy, France, UK and the 21BOE which used the same bus company as the France tour. I've got #8 coming up on Saturday, so I'll just have to see what is offered on that bus!

In general, I would say let it be a nice surprise if it does!

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You can always take a back-up power supply if you're concerned about needing more "juice."

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I have seen this question before. On the Best of Scandinavia tour (I think) there were power outlets on the bus. Since then I have taken the Best of Scotland tour and the bus did not have outlets (and my prior tours did not.) Right now, I would not count on power outlets on the bus.

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The brand new bus we used on our May Villages of South England tour had power outlets. That's the first time I've seen them on a tour bus.

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I have taken 12 tours. So far, the only bus that had wifi and power ports was the Best of Village England. I also brought along a portable power pack.

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I'm with Ray. Last year on the Scandanavia tour, we had outlets on the bus. We also had free wifi on the bus, but only while in Sweden.

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On the 12 RS tours I have taken, none have had power outlets.

I typically carry 2 battery devices that charge from light (solar, room, etc.) that accomondate a USB plug so I can keep my camera and phone charged whether I am on the bus or walking around.