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Power Help

Hello Fellow Travlers,

My RS tour is coming quick. In doing my research and reviewing what I am taking, I believe I will not need a power convertor only a plug adapter. Am I thinking correctly?

*Cell Phone - In reading these are automatically Duel Voltage
*Portable Power Bank (Anker Portable Charger, 313 Power Bank)- In reading these are automatically Duel Voltage
*Travel Hairdryer - Duel Voltage switch
*Curling Iron - On the handle it states 100-240V 50/60Hz which I think means I do not need a power convertor.

I am leaving my wireless earbuds, step tracker watches, etc at home.

Thank You


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Forget the hair dryer, use the hotel's . In my experience, there are always problems with blowers and hair dryers, and they could be damaged, unless you have a proven piece of equipment.
If you're going to more than one country, you may need different plug adapters. However, you seen quite organized and probably already know that.
Safe travels!

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Depends where you go in Europe but all you really need is plug adapters. All of the EU countries have the two-pronged plugs while UK has three prongs. As for hair dryers-yes leave them at home as every airbnb and hotel has one. I'd leave the curling iron at home-unless you really need it. Mom fried hers in London.

All cell phones and computers work on dual voltage now.

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If a curling iron is a necessity for you, consider simply buying a European version when you arrive. You will be able to use it without worry and also you will need to plan an additional trip in the future just to make sure you get your money's worth :)

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As everyone said, they will have hairdryers at your hotel. However, if you really like yours just make sure you turn the switch from 110v to 240v. There's usually a slotted switch that you can turn with a coin.