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Post tour activities recommendations

Hello! I will be going on the best of Venice, Florence & Rome tour in the fall. I was wondering if anyone had any post tour activity suggestions for an additional day or two in Rome. I'd like to keep it as close to Rome as much as possible since I'll be flying out from FCO. Perhaps something I should consider due to it not being part of the RS tour experience. Thanks in advance!

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Just look at the tour book. You will find lots there that the tour itself does not do. Ostia Antica for one.

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Borghese Gallery
Doria Pamphilj Gallery
food tour

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There is plenty to do in Rome that you won't have time for on the tour. A few things not covered: Capitoline Museum, National Museum of Rome, Baths of Caracalla, Galleria Borghese (need advance ticket purchase), and many churches that you will not have visited that will have wonderful sculpture.

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The day our BOE 14-day tour ended in Rome we did two of Rick's audio tours - the Jewish Ghetto walk and the Trastevere walk. The Jewish Ghetto walk is fairly short. Both walks start at exactly the same place. The Trastevere walk ends in an area with several restaurants and we went to one our RS tour guide had recommended. We saw a wedding in progress at Basilica of Our Lady in Trastevere. It was a really lovely day wandering. has lots of suggestions.

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I agree with Girasole - a day trip to Orvieto would be great!! :)

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I'll vote for just staying in Rome as well. The tour only includes two full days in the city, and there's SO much more to see in that one! You'll also be coming off the end of a fairly busy tour and last two two days of it seeing Rome's 2 most popular, thus the most crowded, attractions.

Using the additional days - and I would add at least two, if possible - to just catch your breath should be welcome before you head home. What to spend them doing is entirely up to your personal interests so can you help us out with some idea about what those are?

Depending on what days of the week your extra time falls on, you may also be working around a day some of the attractions are closed so actual dates matter.

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Thank you all so much for the advice! I'm just trying to find a good balance of time and expectations.

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Borghese Gallery is well worth the time. So much to see in Rome I would stay there. Rome is a perfect city to just roam and see the sites. Enjoy

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Here is another vote for the Borghese gallery.

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If it's only a day or two, stay in Rome. The tour just hits a few of the highlights. Unless your flight leaves mid-afternoon or later, it's not reasonable to spend your last night anywhere but Rome itself.

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I'd also recommend the Borghese - reserve your tickets ahead of time. The itinerary doesn't mention the Pantheon, but make sure to visit it). I really liked the offbeat Capuchin Crypt. Get up early one morning and go to Vatican square to see it peaceful (then go back later and compare). Do the nighttime walk from the RS guidebook. Easy to fill a day or two without leaving the city.