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Portugal Tour Hotels

My husband and I are booked for the Portugal tour this October. Assuming we still are able to go, I am continuing my research and planning of pre and post tour destinations. Does anyone that has previously taken this tour have a list of the hotels that you stayed at during the tour? I understand they use different hotels, but hey, I am bored and need something else to research on TripAdvisor.

Thanks you in advance.

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Here's where my tour stayed on the Oct. 21 departure last year:

Lisbon - Hotel Lisboa Plaza
Evora - Hotel M'AR de AR Aqueduto
Obidos - Hotel Real d'Obidos
Coimbra - Riversuites
Pinhao - Vintage House Hotel
Porto - Descobertas Boutique Hotel

There was a rumor that the Descobertas would not be used anymore, but I don't know if that's true. Personally, I liked all the hotels, but the Aqueduto and Vintage House were definitely the nicest.

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Hi April,

I was an assistant on the Portugal Tour last Fall and stayed at the same hotels as Teresa listed above. I have heard that we are looking at finding another hotel in Porto, but as far as I know, that decision hasn't been made yet. Once it get's closer to your tour, you can find out by looking at your individual tour portal page, which will list your first and last tour hotels. At least one month before the tour, the complete hotel list will be available.

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We had the same ones as listed by Teresa above last October. Every accommodation was lovely, served a terrific breakfast, employed a wonderful staff and, of course, was in a great and convenient location. Hi, Rich! I was on Claudia's tour with you!! Oh, and by the way...this tour is among my very favorites and I know you will have an amazing time. Andi C

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Hi Andi! I agree, it was a wonderful tour. One of my favorites (and I've been on quite a few!)

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Thank you so much everyone for the replies! I am looking forward to researching and seeing the pictures of these hotels. Something to look forward to!

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Enjoy looking at the hotels! I do this a lot before each tour. Often, what I see in person is not quite as nice as the glossy pics on the website. But, sometimes other things make up for it. The Hotel Lisboa Plaza is old, but far from shabby. We had nightcaps in the very nice bar and the older bartender was the best. My daughter injured her ankle in the airport and was unable to walk when we arrived. They had a wheelchair, constructed a makeshift ramp, and helped us in any way they could. The breakfast were the best on the tour. Let’s hope you’ll be able to travel by then.