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Portugal Oct 24-Nov 4

Just thought I would check to see if anyone reading the posts is on the tour. I just booked this tour a few weeks ago. I thought the participant list would list emails, but it just lists first names and cities. I am looking at possible tours on the open afternoon in Lisbon.

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Cristina Duarte is a tour guide in Lisbon. She and her husband (Pedro) run a tour company called Lisbon and Beyond. Cristina is also a Rich Steves guide - she may be your guide for the tour. You might check with their company regarding availability - I have taken a four-hour walking tour with Pedro (October 2019) and he is highly recommended.

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thanks blue 439. I have found several tours, just would like to see what my tour mates are doing on the free day. Was hoping to connect with one of them before the tour.

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Hi Jill,

I (Liz) will be on the tour with my partner, Franklin. We're planning to keep our free time pretty flexible, as my experience with prior RS tours is that it is not uncommon for the guides to pull together optional activities for those who are interested during free time, and/or to need a nap to recover from all the walking!

Looking forward to it and meeting everyone!