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Planning ahead for your free time?

My husband and I are going on our first RS Tour, the Heart of Italy tour in September, and would like very much to go to the opera while in Rome. In looking at the general itinerary it says that we will have free time the second night of our tour. Is it too soon to buy tickets for the opera on that night or should I wait until we receive our official itinerary in August and then book it? Thank you for any and all suggestions you have! We can't wait!!

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On our one and only RS Tour, I did book a specialty tour for the free time. The trip went to plan and all worked well. We were on a Baltic cruise and the cruise had a delay for the day I booked another specialty tour, but we were able to move it to the next day. An opera performance is a bit different, but other than some totally unforeseen circumstance, I think RS tours are scheduled very well and they have been running this HOI tour many years. I would say book it for good seats! You can always give the RS office a call just to recheck the itinerary.

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tgreen is right; call the office. They are always very helpful.

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Don't know if you think the opera will sell out or not. I just booked two events for my trip in Sept. Both would have sold out had I not booked them soon. If it is really something I want to do, I book it.

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I would call the office, to double check that the 2nd night is free explaining that you want to buy opera tickets but will only do so if that evening will be a free evening. Then I would buy the opera tickets. I always make sure to buy my tickets in advance because the most expensive seats and the cheapest seats always go first. Plus since your in Italy and seeing an opera you want to make sure you will have good seats to experience this. Things sell out and you want to make sure you get your seats. Have a wonderful time.

I went to the opera and two concerts in Vienna and bought my seats ahead of time and the venues were filled. I already bought my ticket for Wicked for when I go to London and glad I did.

Have a great time.

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I would call the office to check. When we were on our Best of Italy tour, we ended up doing the Uffizi and Accademia museums on the same day instead of one each day as the itinerary was written. This was because our second day in Florence was the first Sunday of the month which meant free museum day, so there was no way to do a guided tour that day. Stuff like that happens to change the posted itinerary, so for piece of mind it would be good to check.

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Thank you all for your replies. I did phone the office as suggested and will be going ahead and booking our opera tickets for our second night in Rome!