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PJ's that will dry fast

I feel silly asking this question, but.... I'll go for it anyway. We are going to take an alpine tour in September, and then add some time in Italy. What have you travel veterans used for quick drying pj's? We will have a total of 19 nights, and want to pack as light as possible, so something that will dry over night would be best.


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Hi Cynthia:

I bring cotton knit pJs and have never had a problem with them drying out. They may not be the lightest, but they are comfortable. If you do want something that would dry fast and be light weight, try something in a nylon fabric. If you want something warm try a silk based product, also cuddle duds have also been recommended to me.

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Pardon me, but somehow pajamas that dry overnight? What are you going to wear at night while they are drying? Are you taking two pair, or do you sleep during the day? Are you going to be moving every day? Won't you have a day where you can dry them?

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if you want quick drying and as light as possible wear your birthday suit!

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Ha ha! Rambling, I should have anticipated that answer...... that's what my husband suggested.

Lee, you figured it out.... I plan to take 2 pair. Thanks so much!

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Unless you're moving hotels every night, one pair of pjs should be sufficient. A Jockey brand tank top works out really well, and can double as a base layer during a chilly day if you need it.

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Ditto on Christi's suggestion. Champion workout clothes bought at Target. Took one set for 26 day trip to Spain. Wash in sink in AM, will be dry by PM. That way you don't have to take 2.sets.

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Silk long underwear fromLLbean or similar. Weighs nothing dries super fast, useful for layering under other clothes when cold

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A silky short slip/nightgown takes no room and dries quickly. Usually the Alpine locations have the fluffy warm comforters, so if you pack something, keep it lightweight.

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I use clothes for PJ's, always have ...a tank top and leggings...the tank is used for multiple outfits and the leggings for travel days when I need to be comfy. I like multi-purpose clothing. The leggings never get washed and I usually have 2-3 tanks (Grey, black and white) so whatever one is on hand get's worn to bed.

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If you're taking an RS tour, I'll bet there will be opportunities to do a load of laundry every few days.