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Pizza crust in Italy

Due to dietary restrictions I’m not suppose to eat pasta and pizza. We’re going to Italy and I’m wondering if I will find cauliflower crust pizza. Has anyone seen any on menus?

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I just returned from Sicily and didn’t see cauliflower crusts but did see more gluten free then I thought I would.

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I am sure hoping that you can at least have the gelato! ; (

There’s been mention previously of having an index card with you with your dietary restrictions written in Italian to show the waiter.

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You know when you go to an Italian restaurant in your home town and your server hands you the menu? Pizza and pasta form the basis of only fifty or sixty dishes. There are about two hundred other possibilities. And that’s just on page one.

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Very unlikely although you may have better luck finding gluten free pasta and pizza dough. Personally, rather than make do with poor alternatives I would simply eat what else is on offer which is plenty. Pasta typically forms one course of an Italian meal with the main dish comprising mainly of meat/fish and vegetables so you won't be lacking in options.