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Paris Tour - Eiffel Tower and Bayeux Questions

Hello Everyone,

We are taking our first RS tour (Best of Paris) this September. Our time before and after the tour is not as extensive as I'd like. Your help with our itinerary would be much appreciated!

  1. Eiffel Tower: Does it matter whether we plan this during free time, or after tour? Some tour accounts mentioned there are "surprises" in the itinerary. Our schedule doesn't really allow for going before the tour starts, but we are not sure if we should chance missing something from the tour, or waiting to go at the very end.
  2. We are traveling to Bayeux the Saturday morning after our farewell dinner for an afternoon tour of D-day Beaches. Should we plan on returning to Paris Sunday mid-day or is there enough to do there between the Cathedral, Tapestry etc. to spend all of Sunday there as well? Is a car necessary if we will only be there 1.5 days max?

Thank you all!

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Greetings! We are going on the best of Paris tour in early September. On this tour, Mondays after 7 and Thursdays after 5:30 would be open times to go up the Eiffel Tower. The tix just went on sale for Sept. 4th a couple of hours ago thru the direct Eiffel Tower website.
Just a note on the registration for this, you have to sign up for an account and you need to use mobile phone number. I spent 30 minutes trying variety of formats (the site didn't show what correct format should look like). I don't remember what ended up working but it involved either the +1 and/or +1 00 in addition to your area code and number. If you buy thru that site be patient. Otherwise can go thru fat tire or TripAdvisor.

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An organized tour of the Normandy beaches is far more rewarding for all the information and insights you will absorb from the guide. A full day tour is worth the cost, based either in Caen or Bayeux. Stay overnight before the tour since they roll bright and early. You might be able to catch an evening train back to Paris after the excursion but having time on your own will be pleasant in either city. A day tour by bus from Paris requires approximately four hours each way just to get to the beaches.

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We spent four nights in Bayeux. One day toured US beaches , Cemetery and Ste Mere Eglese. , and other day British and Canadian beaches. Another day Honfleur, or Mt. St-Michel.
The tapestry is amazing. Lovely town which luckily was not bombed.

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You will enjoy your RS Paris trip!

Give the RS office a call, and they can tell you which days would be the best to schedule the Eiffel Tower. I know we did a river cruise one evening which you wouldn't want to miss. And, we had an evening dinner or two. Otherwise, I've been up there daytime & evening and really preferred going up one year an hour before sundown, staying up there to see the lights slowly come up over the city, and coming down to see the twinkling lights that occur on-the-hour for 5 minutes.