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Paris & The Heart of France - Last Day

Can someone tell me what time breakfast normally happens on the last day and about what time would be good to schedule a flight out?

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Breakfast time is what the hotel says breakfast time will be. The last day is a flurry of people saying good bye for the last time if they can make breakfast at all. You schedule your flight for when you can, you do not do it around the breakfast. The last night is the real ending of the tour and when you really say good bye to everyone. I have been on 12 RS tours and everyone just goes to breakfast when they can and then leaves if they are not staying an extra day or so at the hotel.

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Breakfast should be between 8-10. That's typical. Regarding your flight I would book what works and looks best to you to get home. You will have a chance to say goodbye to everyone at the dinner the night before. This works best since lots of people have early flights and often miss breakfast on the last day. If you can find a good flight home that leaves mid day that would also you to go to breakfast and not rush to the airport. CDG is about one hour away from the city center. I usually take a taxi on the last day. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the great information. Makes total sense! Soooo looking forward to it!

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And some tour hotels will begin breakfast early for those with early flights.

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Yes, some hotels will provide an early breakfast, if you must depart early morning. We, once, had to leave by 4 am and were shocked and thrilled by our breakfast that last day. The manager got up to prepare it herself. The hotels RS uses have always been thoughtful, pleasant, and helpful, at least in my opinion.

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Hi Kathy, I try to get a flight that leaves at noon or later on the last day. It's up to you but I think it's more civilized to have a nice breakfast and then head out to the airport. Some of our tour members booked 6:30 a.m. flights and had to "sneak out" in the middle of the night. Just something to think about.