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Paris & HOF Hotel Le Belle-Vue, Amboise

Hi all,

Rick's 2019 France guidebook says to avoid this hotel in Summer due to the heat and lack of air-conditioning, but our Paris&HOF tour is booked there for two nights in July... Has anyone stayed in this hotel during the summer months? Any tips?


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Joe, yes we stayed there in July 2015. Yes it was hot. We survived. It cooled off in the evening with a breeze from the river.

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Best cheap tip. Send them an email requesting that there be a fan in your room (fudge, or not, an important reason why). Depending upon what paraphernalia you possess or is in the room you may be able to make an impromptu evaporative cooler by blowing the fan across a container of ice water. Of course, you’ll need to ask for ice.

This absolutely works in my kitchen, but I have choices about what can be used to make this.
Good Luck!

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We stayed there on the same tour two years ago, also in July. We had a small fan in our room, but it took a long time to get moving. We would turn it on as soon as we arrived in the room in the evening; by bed time it was providing adequate air movement. We also left the window open.

This hotel also had a great laundry deal (you might want to email the hotel to check on this). Dropped off a basket first evening and clean laundry was returned second evening. Good timing as it was approximately mid tour.

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I stayed there at the end of June last year. It was warm. There was already a fan in the room, but I didn't notice it at first. The fan does help. I agree the laundry is a good deal. It was 15 euros for a full basket, washed and folded.