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Paris at Christmas

Ok so I may be a bit early, but I just signed up for the RS Paris tour at Christmas. I took this tour 2 years ago and loved it so much I am going back again. Now all I have to do is wait...wait...wait.

So you think thinking about planning the clothes to take now is too much?? :-)

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Now is actually a very good time to plan for clothing, because winter clothes are (or soon will be) on sale. So, you can pick up stuff now, discounted, for your trip.

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Yes, Harold is completely right! You can buy off season. Unless you're extremely conscious about what style is "in" for the season, you have plenty of time to gather up on cheaper winter clothing. Plus you'll have a better idea of how much luggage you will need.

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Oh Girlfriend, it's never too early to start shopping! You can look for layers that will work for you on your trip. Prices will be better and you probably have more time and money now. In the fall you'll be busy preparing for a trip, pre-Christmas parties and everything else. I started "mentally shopping" for clothing as soon as I signed up for my Eastern France tour. Have fun!

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Oh yes, start planning and shopping now! I still found a few things right at the last minute (for me that is one month before the trip lol) but I had my pants, coat, socks, and most shirts before spring.

Congratulations on your tour!

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I agree with others - now is a great time to stock up and plan while there are bargains. My husband and I along with another couple were in Paris and Colmar, this past December for the Christmas Markets. If you have extra time, I recommend training over to Colmar for the Alsatian Christmas markets- wonderful! Maybe two and 1/2 hours by train from Paris. The temps in Paris the first week of Dec. were high 30s and low 40s. Do dress warmly - don't worry so much abut fashion because you will be outside and it will be cold. We did not have rain but another friend was in Paris the week before Christmas and had rainy, cold weather. Be prepared. Especially warm shoes!! Enjoy!!

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Agree, never too early! I have a mental list of things I might need (sometimes with brand names recommended on this forum) and I check out the local upscale thrift shops (in my area, ones supporting hospitals and cancer society) so I can stock up when I see a bargain gently-used merino wool sweater, Ahnu shoes, Eddie Bauer parka, cashmere pullover, Civita daypack .... Also end-of-season sales at sporting goods stores like REI.