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Packing stress

I’m heading to Greece in early April. I don’t want to bring too much outerwear. My question is should I bring a polar fleece and a waterproof jacket, or a spring jacket and a waterproof raincoat? How warm is it actually in early April? Any help is appreciated. I’m also stressing about long sleeve versus short sleeve shirts. Packing - my least favorite part of travel.

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I agree with poster Nick. We bought them at Icebreaker and REI.

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Where are you from and what is “cold” to you? It varies greatly!

I’ve travelled off season (Sept, Nov, Dec, March, May) with one fleece lined waterproof jacket (from Costco) to cover temps below 55. I bring all short sleeve shirts, plus one long sleeve base layer. If it’s 30 degrees, I wear base layer, short sleeve plus jacket. Once it starts warming up, layers come off.

Unless I’m going someplace where it’s hot when it’s raining (tropics), I don’t bring a raincoat. I figure if it’s 50-60 and raining, it will feel colder and I’ll want some warmth from a real jacket. I just wear it over short sleeves.

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Costco also sells base layers by 32 Degrees - good product and great price. My daughter, who is very active in a cold climate, swears by them.

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check my favorite weather information site: for comprehensive weather information about anywhere in the world.

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pack one shortsleeve shirt and if it is hot, buy some more as souvenirs

Also, I start packing at least two weeks before my trip and only pack for a few minutes each day.

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If it's any consolation, it takes time to pack efficiently with a light, functional wardrobe that looks good together and washes well. I like the puzzle, myself.

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We did the Greece tour from late March to early April. I always bring the same thing, layers. Waterproof rain jacket that has no warmth but it cuts the wind and can be layered under. Then a packable down vest from Costco or Old Navy, the kind that can be squeezed into a quart size baggie. Also bring a long sleeved lightweight cardigan sweater, a long sleeved shirt of some sort and that 32 degree brand l/s undershirt another poster mentioned. All those are great if its cold and yes it was cold for 2 days of our tour. Otherwise the rain jacket works as a windbreaker when needed, the down vest can be kept in your suitcase in all its tiny-ness and the shirts worn as needed. You definitely need a l/s sweater or jacket for those breezy spring days.

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Thanks for all of your replies! I’m from Wisconsin so I’m able to adapt to cooler temps, but I don’t like to be cold. I think I’m probably about right on the money in my packing from what everybody’s written here. I am very much looking forward to the trip!

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@Anne, thanks for letting us know where you are from! Doubtless you'll be a bit more cold tolerant than someone from more Southern Climes. But also no point in being cold wherever you are!

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How about pants. Venice and Paris in late April when it rains alot. One pair of jeans and one light weight pair of maybe cargo pants for when it's too warm for jeans, or does it get that warm in late April?

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I suggest going to Travel Fashion Girl website. There you will find answers for what to pack by women who share best packing practices.

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I think I was on luv2travel’s tour and packed similarly, but being from Massachusetts I think I was more cold resistant. I, too, had a light jacket and a vest, but my vest was a wind resistant polar tech vest and my jacket was water resistant (Both Landsend). More often than not, I just wore my vest. I carry a tiny 1” square when folded, plastic rain poncho, which I have never used. I would suggest 3 ls and 1 or 2 ss tees (mine are modal/cotton (landsend). The weather was slightly warmer than I prefer on several days.

What was interesting to me is that in Athens the residents were bundled up in their winter wear.