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Overlapping Tour Itineraries

I am curious to learn from those of you who have taken multiple RS tours and perhaps experienced "overlapping" itineraries (visits to the same places on two different tours). Did it lessen your tour experience to visit the same places over again, rather than experiencing new places? I took the BOE 21 day tour, and am considering the GAS tour as a future possibility. I'm wondering how the fact that both tours visit Neuschwanstein and limit the Switzerland visit to the Lauterbrunnen Valley would impact my experience.

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I did the GAS tour and then a couple years later did Berlin, Prague, Vienna. The two overlapped in Vienna. However, I found there was enough difference in the planned activities as well as what I found to do in my free time that I didn't really notice the overlap. There is always something new or different to see no matter how many times you visit a place.

Sure, we saw a few of the same things. And the hotel used was exactly the same and I got the exact same room on both tours! You are always free to skip any group activity if you feel the need to do so. I didn't on my tours.

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If you're haven't seen much more of Europe, then I find it's more exciting to visit new destinations than repeat one you saw recently. There's an awful lot to choose from. However, the Lauterbrunnen Valley is a stop that most of us are happy to repeat, especially if each visit is essentially just one day. It would be easy on your free day to take a train to a city like Bern, but staff here would prefer to stay in the mountains.

The Neuschwanstein visit won't be much different the second time. Since the group is essentially moving from Munich to Salzburg that day, via the "scenic route," you could skip those activities, stay in the city, and buy a train ticket to Salzburg on your own (direct, under 2 hours, €30-36, depending on departure time). Just discuss that plan with the guide at the start of the tour.

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Hi Ruth. My first tour was Paris to Provence, so I saw the Louvre and more in Paris. I then did the Best of Paris city tour. I had no problem with the overlaps; visiting the Louvre again with a guide was great. I soaked in so much more of the guides words on the second visit. One afternoon, I opted out of one site to go off on my own. No problem at all; I let the guide know I was not staying with the group.

It may be different in a more rural area.

On another trip I did with my sister and brother in law, we had free time after a walking tour. The girls decided to go shopping, while the guy headed back to our home base. My sister and I were surprised when we caught up with him as he sat in an outdoor cafe enjoying a beer. We still chuckle about how he enjoyed his "Shopping" experience.

I am looking at the Eastern France tour that overlaps a town I loved, Vaison la Romain. I would love to visit there again.

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Laura, what a wonderful suggestion for Munich to Salzburg!! I'm considering GAS and did the21 Day BOE last year. While I am more than happy to repeat Lauternbrunnen Valley, I was concerned about the Neuschwanstein day as for me it's a one-time only visit.

I did repeat some things from BOE to the Best of Paris tour but the guides always have a slightly different presentation.

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When our family took the Family Europe tour in '08, as we had previously toured Neuschwanstein Castle with a different tour, my husband and I requested a visit to Hohenschwangau as an alternative. It was easy to do this as the two castles are across the valley from each other, with the tour bus parking lot between them. We were just reminded to meet the rest of our group at the appointed departure time and place.

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I have taken 13 RS tours and having taken that many tours, I have experienced a few overlaps and all were as enjoyable the second time as they were the first. I never seem to be able to see everything that I want to see the first time I visit a place.

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I can't say from experience, as I've never been to an overlapping area on a tour, but I could visit the locations covered in the GAS tour over and over again without getting tired of it, I would think. It is really just a spectacular tour! Can't say enough about it :)