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Oslo Nutshell abbreviated trip?

Hello. My husband and I will be in Oslo on April 15th and 16th 2015, and want to take the Norway in a Nutshell tour, which can be done roundtrip in a day by taking the train back from Voss. I understand from the touring company that this sort of tour is not available until May 18th. I read Rick Steve's guidebook that states that people are able to complete this tour on their own. Does anyone know if it is possible to take these routes mid-April: Oslo to Flam by train, transfer to the bus down to the Fjord boat for the Fjord tour, transfer back to the bus back to either Flam or to Voss, and then return to Oslo by train, all in the same day? I would most appreciate it if anyone knows how I might be able to accomplish this on my travel dates.
Thank you.

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Yes, it's possible to do all of this on your own. You can even reserve your trains and the Flamsbana from Myrdal to Flam online at the Norwegian Railroad website: It's a good idea to take the express trains to and from Oslo, not the locals--which you can't buy online anyway. You don't need to buy tickets in advance for the ferry from Flam to Gudvangen and the bus from Gudvangen to Voss.

If you don't have Rick's book yet, buy it because he explains all the ins and outs of the Nutshell tour. Also, you should really post this question to the Norway page.

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If I understand correctly, you would like to book a "Nutshell" tour from Oslo to Voss, then take the Bergen to Oslo line back from Voss. This should definitely be possible. What may be happening is the NSB schedules are only posted a couple of months ahead of the journey.

We did Nutshell in March a number of years ago so I would be pretty confident that your route should be avaialble. The only question would be of timing. That is availability of a Bergen to Oslo reaching Voss after you arrive by bus. Check the NSB website:
Looking at the NSB site for April 16, Voss to Oslo S, the show 13:13 and 17:11 departures from Voss to Oslo S:

If you can figure out how to book and pay, the Minipris pricing of 249 NOK for the 13:13 looks pretty good. See other discussions this forum on booking a NSB from the US (may need to call in credit card info).

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Thank you. I did buy the Rick Steeve book on this topic. I just wasn't sure if the weather or climate allowed for this sort of tour in April. And, yes, I will repost to the Norway page.