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On-our-own activities before or after a RS Tour

My wife and I will be going on the Best of London in 7 Days Tour, probably in the spring of 2023. We are also planning to go to Edinburgh and York on our own. Does it make more sense to go to Edinburgh/York before or after the RS tour?

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We went to London after the RS Best of Ireland tour in 2000 (!). We also took the Paris and Heart of France tour in 2017. I agree with both of you that doing our own thing after the tour makes the most sense.

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If you can, it would also be a good idea to arrive a day or so early, so as to get over jet lag before the tour starts.

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Most people do their own thing after the tour is over. We did the RS Eastern France tour in 2015. We picked up a car after the tour was over and toured Provence on our own for two weeks. We are used to traveling independently. The only problem was that we loved our group and our guide so much that we really missed their company. I hope you have a wonderful group and guide and have a fantastic time.

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We’ve done both but I prefer to independently travel before the RS tour. It takes me a few days to get past the jet lag and I’d rather do that on my own time. By the time the tour ends, I’m ready to go home.

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I’ve planned extensive travel time for before and after my RS tours. Due to the Covid situation and tour health requirements I recommend personal travel afterwards. This way you limit your exposure to situations that could derail your ability to join and enjoy the tour. However I would arrive a day or two ahead.

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As most people have said, it's good to arrive a few days early before your Best of London RS tour. Once you have gotten some exposure to London and have some of the jetlag passes, you'll enjoy the tour SO much more. I have traveled on the train from London to York. York is a fantastic city. There is quite a lot to do. It is also a good base to travel around the northern part of England. I did a daytrip from York to Edinburgh. It was very enjoyable. It's best to get to the North of Britain as late into your travel period; then the weather may be better! Have fun planning you vacation.

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For the tours we've taken with RS and one other company, we've done brief pre-tour and/or post-tour stays. We've also taken tours where we arrived on the first day and left on the last day. Ideal for us is a few days prior to the tour, to get over jet lag, because the tours are very active right from day one. Also, at the end of a tour, it may be something of a downer that your new friends are all scattering in different directions and you're going to be by yourselves from that point on. RS tours are very social and when it's sadly time to say goodbye, we're just ready to go home!