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Nymphenburg Palace and/or Schonbrunn Palace

I am signed up for the Munich, Salzburg, Vienna tour. During free time, I thought I would visit both of these palaces because both of them seem to be considered major sights. Is this time well spent? I understand that what you see should be a matter of personal interest. I do think I would enjoy these palaces and gardens but with limited time, are they too much the same? What do fellow travelers advise? I'm sure some of you have toured both. I will value your input as I finalize my decision.

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I am signed up for this tour Dec. 1 - 8. What are your dates? Obviously I cannot answer your specific question.

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I really enjoyed the scale of Nymphenburg and its grounds when we were in Munich in 2015. By the time we made it to Vienna, we were so "palaced out" that we couldn't bring ourselves to go inside the palace. But the grounds were "grander" than Nymphenburg's, plus we enjoyed the zoo.

If Vienna is the last stop on your tour, you could very well be at sensory overload. I'm biased in favor of Nymphenburg because we were fresher at the beginning of our trip.

I would commit to Nymphenburg and decide on Schonbrunn when you're in Vienna.

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I have been to both, and preferred Nymphenburg—palace was smaller but there are several residences to visit on the grounds, a lovely little chapel, the fascinating Marstallmuseum of carriages and I enjoyed lunch at the Palmenhaus.

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I have also been to both palaces, and they are magnificent. These were their Summer palaces. Don't forget to go to the downtown Winter palaces in both cities as they're just as interesting.

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I agree with David. I very much enjoyed Nymphenburg and Schonbrunn as well as both gardens. I also did the in town palaces. The Hofburg (Vienna) was fun to see with some knowledge of the Hapsburgs. At the beginning of the tour, there is LOTS of silver and china. Go thru as fast as you want, I liked it, but others make mention of it being too much. You see a small portion of the palace rooms which is perfect. The Residenz(Munich) goes on and on and on! Again, just breeze thru if it gets to be too much. I enjoyed the treasuries at both of the winter/in town palaces. In Vienna it was a separate ticket. It Munich, it was included in the ticket package we purchased. The in town palaces are right in the old town so transportation wouldn't be necessary. Schonbrunn is an easy metro ride from the old town. We used a bus to get to Nymphenburg. My recollection is that both were 20-30 minutes away.

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I've not been to Nymphenburg but to Schönbrunn numerous times. I would pick Schönbrunn because of its historical importance.