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Notre Dame and Paris & Heart of France Tour

Quick question for anyone who has been on this tour -

On Day 2, when we visit Notre Dame Cathedral, will there be time to go up on the roof for the gargoyles tour or do we need to plan that for another day?

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I have not been on the Paris & Heart of France tour, but will be going in September. I have been on the 14 BOE tour which goes to Notre Dame, twice on the Paris 7 day tour which we also went as a tour to Notre Dame and on the 15 Day ( now 13 day RS cut out Paris) France tour and we went to Notre Dame. On all those tours, there was no time to go to the roof so you should plan to do that another day. You will have free time to do it. You may want to go back to Notre Dame to really see the full inside of the church and the grounds around the church. You won't spend a lot of time there, just enough to see it and the guide will talk about the church which is very interesting. When are you going on this tour? Best, Ann

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Often there is a long wait to climb up. I've seen long lines many times.

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I am with Ann. I've not been on the Paris and Heart of France tour, but I've done the same morning itinerary with both the 21 Day BOE and the week Heart of Paris tour. On both we took the Metro to St Chapelle, visited there for perhaps an hour, walked to Notre Dame which is nearby where the guides discussed the church. On both tours we had about 45 minutes which was enough to go in to the church but not to climb to the top. The Archeology Museum at the far end of the square from the Notre Dame front doors is very interesting as well. It is under the plaza and shows some of the dig areas they found when they were renovating. There is a charge but it is free with the museum pass.

Definitely plan the roof for another time slot.

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We took this tour last summer. Previous posters are correct in stating that there are long lines to go up and that you will need to do this on your own time. There free time, which you may use to do so.

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Thank you so much! This is exactly what i needed. Gargoyles tour will be for another day. We are going on our tour starting May 19 and are very excited!