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Nice Hotel options

Hi All,

Please suggest a Nice,FR hotel that you personally stayed at on a RS tour. Our June tour ends in Nice and the hotel used is not accepting an additional day. We already have booked airfare the following day and didn't expect an issue to extend a day. Not happy that we have to change hotels for a single night. Hotel is indicating only a 3 day window is available ; Basically (F,S,Sun).

Wonder if RS team knows this is happening; Mercure Hotel Nice Marche aux Fleurs. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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I would contact Rs tours and let them know about this hotels 3 day min stay requirement . They would make me angry also .

Did you email hotel directly and explain specifically that you were just off the tour?

How annoying of them !

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Ps what dates are you looking for ? Perhaps there is a holiday or something we are not aware of ?

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Are you trying to book online? If so, I’d suggest emailing them explaining that you are staying there on RS tour and would like to add one night.

My RS tour stayed at Hotel Suisse in Nice. It was pretty pricey as I recall.

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If you need recommendations, I stayed at Hotel Regence last September for five nights. It would be a 6-minute walk from your hotel across the checkerboard Place Massena and a few blocks down Massena. It isn’t as elegant as the Mercure, but I was pleased with the staff, the room, and I slept very well there.

Enjoy your time!

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We stayed at Mercure Hotel Nice Marche aux Fleurs on our 2013 RS tour. A number of us stayed an extra night. We booked directly. As suggested, try emailing them. Hope you get an answer soon. Best wishes.

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Thanks all,
I have emailed hotel directly and they advised as of now there is no availability. They suggested to check back in a few weeks. In the meantime, have booked another hotel with free cancellation. Plan to ck with Mercure Hotel Nice Marche aux Fleurs periodically to see if something frees up.

fyi We contacted RS team, they also advised to contact hotel directly.

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We are on this tour in April/May with this same hotel and similar experience. Multiple attempts to contact them for an extra night. My husband contacted RS office and they suggested possibly calling. We found a different hotel after reading this.