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It was odd being the only customer in the office/store on Friday.

I was even happier I had made the trip to discuss my tour issue, when I learned the email backlog was 600 deep. ( I got my issue addressed and promptly left, so staff could get on with the email!)

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Thanks Sam for the update. It's been a few weeks since we were at the office. Kudos to RS for making this informed decision to help save precious lives. Accurate scientific knowledge and containment is the name of the game moving forward.

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Thanks Sam. I'm not in the least surprised by his response. That's who he is.

And the staff is doing a tremendous job. I cancelled my trip on March 6, and yesterday, the 15th, the credit showed up on my credit card. One week in the midst of everything they are going through, amazing! I had figured I'd follow-up on it sometime mid-April so was pleasantly surprised.