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New Tour?

I was reading in the section under Hungary an answer by a Rick Steves employee(?) that mentioned a tour to Berlin, Prague and Vienna. I have not seen this tour listed nor mentioned anywhere else. Is this a new tour?

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No, it is not new. Unfortunately, I was supposed to be on that tour this past May. Sigh.

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I have not been on the tour, but have been to all the cities in the tour and would highly recommend a visit. I especially love Berlin. It is one of my favorite cities to visit and one that I could see myself living in. This tour looks like a chance to visit each of these enchanting cities.


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We were on that tour last fall. The guides were outstanding and so informative. We travel independently and also on RS tours. Had we done this on our own, we would have missed so much of what life was like before the fall of the Iron Curtain.

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It’s one of my favorite tours, I took it June 2015. It covers all the bases - fun, education and important history, culture and art. I highly recommend it.

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We have also been on that tour. Wonderful cities. I was surprised how much I enjoyed Berlin and Prague. We had been to Vienna before on the Germany, Austria, and Switzerland tour and I knew I would love that city. But Prague and Berlin were also excellent cities to visit. I especially enjoyed attending a classical music concert at the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace in Prague next to the Charles Bridge that we booked on our own. The history of the Berlin Wall was fascinating. I highly recommend this tour.

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This is the only RS tour we have taken and it was everything you'd expect from RS!! We saw a lot and we would still go back to any of those cities. It's not a new tour ( We went Oct 2010) but they make changes to keep the tours fresh and revelant. We also spent the night in Dresden and Chesky Krumlof, and stopped at Melk and the Terazin concentration camp. The people on the tour were good traveling companions and the guide was a lot of fun.

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I am so pleased to see reviews of this tour. This is the next tour on my list to book when RS opens his tours again. I wonder how many of his previous tours will be in place when things reopen. I sure hope this tour is among those that continue to be offered. Many of us are “dreaming” of future travel!