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New Sicily Itinerary

Has anyone noticed the changes to the RS Sicily tour? We did the Best of Sicily in 10 Days tour earlier this year, and while we certainly enjoyed it, it wasn't one of our favorites. But the "Off-season" tour shown for 2015 looks like a definite improvement. It's longer, for one thing, goes down the west coast of the island, and doesn't have all the free time at the beginning of the tour. In fact, it sounds like the suggestions I made in my evaluation! We may have to take this tour again, if they keep the new itinerary.

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I just returned from the Best of Sicily tour. I guide told us that the winter or off-season schedules will be different from the spring/summer schedules mostly because they will not go to beach towns (Cefalu, Taormina) during the winter.


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We do read your tour evaluations! There will be some tweaks to the later Sicily departures, also extended to 11 days, but they will still include the beach towns, so won't be the same as the winter plan.

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Darn! Okay, I guess we'll just have to plan on a winter trip to Sicily in a year or two. I really like the off-season itinerary. We did find plenty to do in Cefalu and Taormina, but the west coast stops look more like our kind of places. Thanks for the feedback.