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New Germany Tour Idea - First Half of GAS - Sort Of

Has this been discussed before? The relatively new MSV tour is basically the second half of the GAS tour. Why not have another shorty that takes on the first half of GAS but maybe adds some Black Forest and/or Colmar?

Just saying - I am still working - I like the shorter tours because I don't use up all my vaca time on them, plus I get to add a day or two to the beginning or end for a separate mini adventure.

A Rhine, Black Forest, and dip into Switzerland tour would be great most times of the year, too. OK, maybe not Mürren for three days in December, but Basel, Bern?

Thoughts? Other variations? Or does MSV work because of the mix of outdoors possibilities plus museums, etc.? I'm interested to hear others' ideas.

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I think that part of the GAS tour would be less attractive to the target customer base of the RS tours, because it doesn't include any well-known major destination cities. It would be a tour for people who have already been to Germany and want to see more than Bavaria. They have to be able to attract enough continual demand to support organizing and running a tour for several months. But I think the general idea of shorter tours being more attractive to people with limited time is valid.

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I certainly see the appeal. That's nearly the itinerary my family is planning for late spring of 2019. Rough plan is to spend 16 days doing a circuit from Frankfurt: pop over to the Rhine, down to the southern black forest, day trips to Colmar and Basel, across the bottom of Germany, a few days in Munich, then swing up to Nuremburg and back to Frankfurt for our flight home

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Personally, we'd like to see a tour concentrating on the smaller villages and towns of Germany similar to the Village Italy Tour.

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Hmmm. I also liked the Village Italy tour. I also see the point about including no large cities might not be everyone's cup of tea. I think it could be done, though. Strasbourg? Plenty of cities in the area.

Thanks for your thoughts. I still need to get to this neck of the woods since I usually gravitate towards Bavaria, Tirol, etc. I was on the Eastern France tour when it was called Villages and Vineyards of Eastern France. Loved Colmar. Now that is one diverse and interesting tour.