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Neuschwanstein castle

I was wanting to know if it is possible to visit Neuschwanstein castle while in Munich, Germany.

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Do you mean during your one free afternoon in Munich during your upcoming BOE 14-day tour?

While waiting for definitive answers, you might find this recent thread helpful?
It'll give you some insights from posters who've done it - either on a tour or not - and whether they found it worthwhile or not. It is a long way to go and a time-consuming process for just 30 minutes inside the thing. I'm thinking you'd have a really tough time pulling it off in 1/2 a day and that it would add more "rush-rush" to an already rather packed tour, But other folks might disagree so we'll see?

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Kathy - I did mean during our BOE tour. What you said is what I was thinking. Thanks for your input!

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I would save it for another trip, there is much to see and do in Munich.

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I would recommend skipping it. Munich is such a wonderful town with so much to see that taking the time away from there to see the castle is not worth it in my opinion. I think you would be disappointed in your choice. It is so crowded, and you get a max of 5 minutes in each room, that I don't feel it is worth stopping at the expense of Munich.

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If you're asking is it physically possible to do, as a daytrip from Munich, I think the answer is yes. There are bus tours that your hotel could probably arrange. But it would take a whole day. The mandatory tour inside N'stein is only about 20-30 minutes itself, but getting there and back and waiting in line takes a lot of time. Discuss with your tour leader and see what they tell you

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Getting to/from Neuschwanstein and all that entails really requires more than just an afternoon. When we took BOE14 a few years ago, one couple on our tour went but it took an All Day commitment of time and travel. While they enjoyed the castle, it's always a question of what else they could've seen in that time. In this instance, they opted out of the morning city walk (Franz in Munich was the best local guide on the entire tour) which concluded, beverage at the ready, at the Hofbrau House. Then as a group we continued on to Nymphemburg Palace for a couple hours; then a visit to the Dachau Memorial. After returning to tour hotel and getting a little downtime, we re-grouped and ventured down the street to Augustiner-Keller (Beer Garden) for dinner. The couple that went to Neuschwanstein wasn't around for any of this, but they had a good day in their own rite. Not sure if this helps with your decision, but wanted you to have benefit of someone who's been on the tour and seen the options and logistics first-hand. Have a great trip!