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Need some trip comparison input!

Considering another RS trip next year. Hubby shows interest in Spain, whereas I am thinking Ireland. I would appreciate some input from anyone who has done either of these trips and what they enjoyed the most. Thanks!

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Both Ireland and Spain are excellent tours, but the destinations are somewhat different and unique. Both countries have interesting histories and lots to see. Of course, language will be easier in Ireland. I'd have to say that I enjoyed both of them equally.

Perhaps you could take one tour next year, and the other one the following year?

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I can only tell you about the 14 day Ireland tour as I have not been to Spain. But I will say, the weather cannot be more different nor can the food, the culture and what you will see. Ireland will be a jeans, sneakers and jacket type of trip where you will see amazing scenery, eat nice food ( but not as amazing as Italy or France), drink mostly beer if you want to ( no pressure in pubs to drink) and eat early and go to pubs every night and listen to Irish museum. The land is beautiful, the people are very nice. Not much in art museums or churches ( outside of Dublin) but what a fun time! Much cooler and rainy than Spain, but as long as you dress warmly and bring a jacket with a hood you will be comfortable and have a great time. It is more a summer time vacation, I went the end of June. Spain, you want to avoid the summer, too hot. So that may be a consideration as to when you want to go on vacation. If you have only the summer, don't go to Spain, if you can only go in the Spring or Fall, go to Spain and not Ireland. People may disagree with me about going to Ireland in the Spring or Fall, but it will be more chilly then. Ireland is all about the land, the sea, the pubs, the history of the people. Read Trinity by Leon Uris, I found it helpful in understanding the history and people of Ireland. Spain, you will eat later, see churches, art museums, big cities ( only Dublin, Belfast and Derry will be the big cities), and drink wine ( if you want). Look at the RS scrapbooks of Spain and Ireland and that will give you an idea as to what the tours are like and where the tours go and what the tour members saw. Either way they are both great, pick one and have a great time!!!

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In comparison to the Spain tour, the Ireland itinerary spends more time in smaller towns and rural areas. It's perhaps our most "outdoorsy" tour itinerary, with not much time in art museums. I have to agree with Ken that I enjoyed both routes equally, but that's about where the similarity of the two countries ends. Ireland is just as beautiful as you expect, and Spain is perhaps more exciting and varied than you expect.

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I've done both tours with RS. The prior posts are spot on - they're completely different trips so it's hard to say one is better than the other. Ireland was definitely more about people, rural areas, music, and pubs. Spain was more history and museum focused, and the food and wine were amazing. I also agree time of year is key - don't go to Spain in the summer. Ireland is NOT hot even in the summer (coats/hats in June when I went). I'd return to either country in a heart beat.

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I've been to both countries, neither with RS. I loved them both. What I liked most about Ireland was the ease with which I could connect with the locals. Every Irish person I met was friendly and talkative. In Spain, I loved the Moorish influences everywhere and the magnificent buildings, the tiny, winding streets.

If I had to choose, I'd be up all night and probably end up flipping a coin.

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I have taken both of those RS tours. I agree with what CL says about the weather. If you are going in the summer, head for Ireland. If going in early spring or fall, head to Spain.

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Thanks everyone, about the only thing I know from this is - I don't know!!! Maybe have to flip the coin,altho Spain is moving forward . Will keep you posted!