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My Way Spain tour

Has anyone done the My Way Spain tour yet this year. I’m scheduled for a September tour and would love to hear about your experience ;)

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Hi there. When are you booked in September? My husband and I are booked on the September 15 tour. As for comments, if you go to the page for this tour, and select "reviews", you will find some comments by people who were on the tour in April this year.

Chris in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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Hi, I’m also booked on the September 15 tour. When I posted this comment the April review had not yet been posted on the site. I’ve been traveling with RS for over 15 years. It seems this year that the reviews on the Tour details site are slow to being posted. That may well be due to a very busy RS office in Edmonds. I have found the Travel Forum site to be more informative this year.
As you are from Canada, you are not facing the question of whether or not to travel to Europe due to the testing requirement to re-enter your country after travel.
I am so looking forward to traveling to Europe again and have never been to Spain, but will most likely delay my travel until the USA drops the testing requirement.

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Here’s a portion of a report from “rleyva” on a My Way Spain May 2022 tour. You can search for the whole post.

I am also searching for My Way 2022 trip reports. They are scarce.

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06/05/22 06:55 PM
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Hello Fellow Travelers:
Wow! Surprised to get so many responses to my post.
Our flight out of Seville connected to Madrid. As an inexperienced traveler to Europe, I did all the homework (forms) needed to enter Spain (SPTH). Unfortunately, I failed to research the requirements needed to enter the USA, other than the negative COVD test.
What a mistake! As one responder mentioned, yes the CDC required the "Passenger Disclosure and Attestation to the USA".
It's a simple form and only took a few minutes to fill out. Without an international plan with our carrier, and no Wi-Fi working in the airport we could not access the form.
This is pretty funny, but I remember reading a sign as I was EXITING the airport which stated - something to the effect of - Upon entering the USA, all passengers need to fill out the required documents. Why, when exiting rather than entering?
Please be diligent about wearing your masks in large crowds. Our tour guide and 6 other travelers in our group tested positive for COVID and were unable to complete the tour.