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My Way Alpine - what if we aren't hikers?

We are trying to decide which tour we want for 2018. We would like to see the Alps, but we aren't huge hikers, we are more along the line of 'walkers.' This will be our 4th time to Europe and what we love most about Europe is the history, buildings, and food. Our 3wks in Italy were the most amazing time we've every had (RS Venice, Florence, Rome - then we did Sorrento and more of Florence on our own post RS tour). We've also been on 2 Xmas market river cruises - both the Danube & the Rhine. We've been to Salzburg, so we know what to expect there, but is the remainder of this tour Mountains/Alps with no town to explore & restaurants to have amazing food in? Just wondering if this trip is for us? While we want to see the Alps, we love exploring towns, cathedrals, food, etc. We also are considering My Way Spain, Sicily, My Way Italy, Heart of Italy.

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I am a walker and not a hiker. I did one of the first My Way Alpine tours the first year it was offered. One change has been made that I know of. We were in Bolzano when in the Dolomites. Now, I think that is not the case. This is currently my favorite tour. I would consider repeating it.

On this tour, my favorite meal was in Füssen, in a great Greek restaurant that had outdoor seating on some sort of battlement. Heavenly. That was followed by an outdoor classical music concert, free for those of us in the courtyard. I also really enjoyed the boar burgers I had for lunch when visiting Hohenschwangau where we ate after seeing the castle and Museum of the Bavarian Kings. In Bolzano, we all showed up at the same place one evening and were sitting in a beer garden, only to be rained on by a sudden thunderstorm. Everyone rushed inside and were accommodated in a cramped but convivial restaurant.

I thought there were plenty of towns to explore. In fact, I had it in mind to go off to the Wieskirche the day we were in Füssen, but by that time, I had had enough of going my own way and was happy to join up with new friends and kick back. In Bolzano, I took a day off and did not join the group for the Alpe di Siusi, something I kind of regret now. Instead, I went to Oberbozen. I could have gone to the museum to see Ötzi, but made different choices.

Our particular group was among the friendliest I have met. And, while the tour may have offered fewer museums (or I did not seek them out), that was made up for by the trips up large mountains. Spectacular. I was on Best of Switz. last year, so you see I have been pulled to this area of the world. In sum, there are towns, churches, and food to be enjoyed. I cannot speak to the other tours you are considering, but can assure you My Way Alpine is tremendous fun.

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We did the My Way Alpine tour last September; we stayed in Castlerotto in Italy rather than Bolzano, but I believe some in our tour visited Bolzano. We are hikers, but much of what we did was walking. I recommend going to the Alpe di Suissi, even if you are not a hiker. It is stupendous and there are "hikes" that are not difficult. In Switzerland, there is a lovely walk, on a paved road, up the valley that passes beautiful meadows, waterfalls, and awesome scenery. Or you can take trains/cable cars up into the mountains and enjoy it without really hiking, and the same can be done in Chamonix. It was an awesome trip!

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If you like music, Fussen has an interesting museum.

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Walk, hike or just plunk yourself down, sip a cool one and drink in the magnificent views. Please report on your trip.

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For a tour that really fits your requests, you might want to consider the Village Italy tour, which receives great reviews, instead of the ones that return back to Florence, Rome & Venice where you were previously. This would give you more Italy that you enjoy (so do I!) and the history, architecture & amazing food. Otherwise, the My Way Spain is a great option.

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We were on the My Way Alpine tour last September. There were people that were avid hikers, moderate hikers/walkers, and a few who were happy to take strolls. I think everyone enjoyed it. We aren't usually avid hikers, but I did make my husband hike ten miles at Alpe de Siusi because it was just that wonderful of a trek (he wanted to turn back after we ate at one of the huts). Our escort was very helpful in suggesting adventures based on individual abilities and likes. Again and again, us and tour mates would exclaim, "How will we ever top this tour?" It was wonderful! We are now booked for Village Italy in May of 2018. Although we really enjoyed the "my-way" concept, the itinerary for the Village Italy made us decide to try a regular tour.