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My Way Alpine Tour in July - need shoes/clothes recommendations

I'm taking the My Way Alpine Tour (Swiss, Austrian, Italian and French Alps) this summer. Do I need real hiking shoes or would regular sneakers suffice? Also, anyone who has done this tour in July know the best mix of warm weather/cool weather clothes to bring. THanks!!!

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Modern athletic shoes (not just "sneakers") are quite well engineered for support in active walking and hiking. All the usual caveats apply - they should be worn for extensive walking beforehand since they do stretch with wear and you want to be sure they are comfortable for you - and you should wear excellent padded socks for practice walks and touring. What modern athletic shoes do not usually have is soles/tread suitable for hiking where it may be muddy or rocky. So look for a shoe with good tread like waffle-stomper style vibram soles. REI, LLBean, etc have very good lightweight athletic-style hiking shoes that I have used with great success.

In general Alpine touring requires layers, maybe a light puffy vest, a sweater, and a wind/water resistant outer layer. Hat (for sun at higher altitude as well as warmth) and very light gloves. Ski glove liners are particularly light (and now come with touchscreen pads on the index fingers); OR, ultralight merino under layers which pack into almost nothing.

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Hi. I did this tour in July 2013. A few locations have changed, but essentially it is what it was. I took a pair of Keen and a pair of Merrell hiking sandals. I had a pair of flipflops too. I used the same shoe combo for the Best of Switzerland tour in 2015. While there were a few folks on MyWay who headed out for steeper and more challenging journeys, I am more of a wanderer on more gentle pathways. My footwear was fine. A time or two I wished I had a stick, but I have not yet gotten around to purchasing one I can take with.

Clothes: layers. It can be and was downright hot in Salzburg, Bavaria, Bolzano. Really, take layers that will include sleeveless, some Ts (long and short-sleeved), a sweater, and a rain jacket. Myself, I never wear shorts and always have a scarf handy. I bought a hat.

Check out the Scrapbooks on this website to get an idea of clothes worn by folks on this and similar tours in July.

Have fun. This is on my repeat list.

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Listen to Debbie - check out the scrapbooks!

I was very glad to have a rain poncho. Sudden downpours are not unusual, especially in the Dolomites. High altitudes need extra UV protection - strong sunscreen, sunglasses with good UV rating, hat.

I wished I'd had a walking stick in the Dolomites. You can get folding ones that would be easy to pack and carry.