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Mt. Etna on RS Sicily tour —-Need a warm jacket?

Packing today for our upcoming Best of Sicily tour. Looking at temperatures online for Mt. Etna and trying to decide if I need a warm jacket. We will be there during the first few days of June.

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We joined the Sicily tour in April last year and needed a light jacket at Mt. Etna. A storm with hail moved in while we were there. I think my husband and I layered our rain jacket over our clothes and found that to be sufficient. The weather everywhere else in Sicily was warm so a fleece might not be needed any other time. Enjoy your trip! We loved the Sicily tour ( our 15th RS tour).

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No need for a warm jacket. I've learned that if I put on several thin layers (t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, thin fleece, lightweight rain jacket) my body stays warm, especially since the raincoat serves as a wind breaker. If it's cold & windy, a knitted hat and maybe gloves and a scarf, have kept me warm in Scotland. When we were in Sicily in June 9 years ago, I don't remember being cold and we did go to Etna and to Enna, which is on top of a high hill/mountain.

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I think a wind/water resistant jacket is a good idea for a trip anywhere, anytime. The rest of warmth you might need comes from layers under it. Light gloves and a hat are good. Its a mountain, and mountain weather anywhere can be too unpredictable to be certain what you will find. A friend showed us pictures this week of new snow on top of Etna. You wont be at the top. The tour stops at a restaurant/tourist shop where you can sit inside if you want, or climb up higher if you feel up to it.

We were there in February and needed layers, but not an insulated or puffy jacket. I will say it was very windy at Erice as well.

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We were there last week and it was 45 degrees and a fierce wind. We had light jackets and it was SO COLD, and we are from Michigan. Snow on the top the next day. I would definitely pack layers and a jacket.

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I was there in April. It wasn't very cold--about 50 degrees--but windy which made it feel a lot colder. Your best bet is to layer. This way you can always take things off and leave them on the bus.

The rest of Sicily was comfortable. In June, it should be warm.

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We were just there on May 19, and it was Freezing!! at the top. You can rent a heavy jacket at the top of the cable car ride for 4 Euros, and I am so glad we did. We took the 4x4 bus on up to the next level, and the cold and wind were brutal, but it was a once in a lifetime experience.

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I was there mid April this year and yes, it was really cold on MT Etna. Like someone else said you can definitely layer and make it work. You don't spend a really long time up on the volcano, so it's not the worst thing to be freezing - I definitely was. Bring gloves - that would really help. It's beautiful and well worth it and you can have expresso/hot chocolate afterwards. Enjoy!

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Hopefully you were able to visit Mt. Etna. According to news reports in the last few days, it's erupting again and that might mean that visitors won't be allowed in the vicinity.

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Thanks to all for the advice. We just returned from the wonderful tour and visited Mt. Etna on June 3. A lightweight Uniqlo down jacket was what I wore, but I think I would have been fine in a layered combo of lightweight knit Columbia zip-up base layer + lightweight Patagonia rain jacket to break the wind.

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I went in early September and it was around 43 and very windy. I've been told that even in the mid-summer months, it still gets pretty cold up there, so I probably would bring something other than a wind-breaker for sure.