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Mozart dinner concert???

We are going on the Munich, Salzburg, Vienna tour in June. The Mozart dinner concert at St. Peter in Salzburg is no longer included in the tour. If interested in attending, you make reservations to attend on your own. I have read mixed reviews and, therefore, have mixed feelings about making a reservation before we go. I've been told that sometimes this concert sells out. Hopefully input from fellow RS travelers will help me to decide what to do. ( The ensembles playing at Mirabell Palace while we are there are not real appealing.) My husband and I both enjoy classical music. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Patti,

I have only been to Salzburg once, and June may be too early for the Salzburg Festival, which has world class opera and concerts (generally the Vienna Phil). Those dinner concerts you reference sound rather touristy that I would encourage you to look around for better options once you get there. Or hopefully others have had experiences to suggest.

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You might check out the Mozarteum (music conservatory). Events may be fewer in June, but it looks like there are a few scheduled now and there may be more later. That would be my preference for classical music over one of the tourist concerts. We happened upon a community band performance in the Mirabell Gardens one morning (maybe a Saturday?) while we were there. That was great fun.

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When I did the GAS tour in 2016 the guide made reservations for all who wanted to go. It was not part of the trip but many were going and he arranged it. There was a dress code of sorts - no athletic shoes and no jeans. I hadn't planned to go but that was all I had for shoes and pants so couldn't have anyway. I'd wait to see if your guide offers to make those arrangements.

As far as I remember, the reviews from those that went were mixed as well. Dinner seemed to be so-so, some enjoyed it, some felt they didn't get served their food as promptly as they should, etc. Some didn't realize the program was Mozart's operas and not music with which they were more familiar.

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I was on the tour Dec 2017 and the Mozart dinner was included. I am one of the folks on the shelf - still. I am taking this tour again in Dec 2019 and think: been there, done that.

If you and your husband enjoy Mozart opera, then the chances are you will enjoy the experience. Consider what else you might do during that time. Are you trading off a visit to enjoy your fave Austrian beer and sausages which has had you salivating for a year or are you all about the music - plus the food was good, just not beer hall (smile).

I may not opt to repeat the dinner, but what it added to my experience was an appreciation of something I know very little about; drove me to dive more into Mozart's biography, maybe made my experience more well-rounded. One of the reasons I enjoy RS tours is that I come away with a research to-do list (and learning things whether I intend to or not), and I am not done with Mozart yet.

I imagine there will be others in your group who choose to attend. Going with others and having something to talk about later may be lots of fun.

I kind of hope you choose to go since it seems like it is something you were looking forward to.

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On our independent visits to Salzburg we have attended small inexpensive recitals -- no dinner, no costumes, just 45 minutes of music by one or two musicians (sometimes students) on the ground floor of the Residenz.

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We (me, husband, and boys ages 15 & 11) attended the dinner concert last April--it was our Easter splurge. None of us are opera fans, but it was a very enjoyable experience. The food was better than expected (even our picky eater liked it) and the musicians were superb. The singers were such fantastic performers that even though we didn't understand the words, we could follow the story. They really got the audience involved. While I'm not sure if I would do it again, we felt it was worth the money for a one-time experience.

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I was on that tour in December 2016, and our group went to the dinner concert. I thought the dinner was very good, and really enjoyed the music, even though I’m not an opera fan. The event was enhanced by the holiday decorations and our very companionable group. I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much if we went as just a couple, so hope you can amass a fun group if you decide to go. You’ll enjoy Salzburg and the rest of this lovely itinerary.

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In June of 2017 GAS tour, it was not "included" in tour but was offered as an "arranged option" --- if you wanted to go (i.e., pay your own extra way) we can help arrange)

The dinner itself (food/service) was frustrating due to VERY slow service between courses that was unacceptable---but thanks to one tour member at our table who knew how to address was compensated with free drinks) but the music was fun.

Despite the dinner issues, it was a pleasant evening and I think most enjoyed as a good thing to do while we were in Salzburg.

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While the Mozart dinner concert offers a lovely dinner in pretty surroundings, the musical selections are rather Mozart-lite — eine Klein Nachtmusic, Don Giovanni, Magic Flute, etc. The musicians are good, but it wasn’t what I’d consider a great concert. There are also concerts with dinner included at the Hohen Salzburg fortress, where you’ll find good food, great surroundings and less mundane musical selections.

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I went on the GAS 2009 trip. The activity was not included but our guide was willing to make arrangements for anyone that wanted to go. It turned out that the majority of the people on the trip wanted it.

I enjoyed it very much. If there was slow service between courses I don’t think anyone noticed. We were too busy enjoying the setting and each other. I’m glad I did it.

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I went on the GAS tour and the 8 day Munich, Salzburg, Vienna tour and went to the dinner concert both times. All very nice. There are lots of concerts in Salzburg and I would look at what is playing in the city. I would look to see if the castle has concerts because the castle is a wonderful place to visit and I did on the 8 day tour. I think going at night would be lovely. Again, Salzburg is known for the music as well as Vienna and I am sure you can find a concert to attend. You may want to book in advance so that it is not sold out and you get the seating you want. You don't have to go to a dinner concert but to just a concert. Look up concerts in Salzburg and am sure there will be a lot to choose from. June is popular so do it now.

I loved Vienna and went to several concerts in Vienna both times I was there so if you are staying in Vienna after the tour that may be another consideration.

The tour is great, have a wonderful time.

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I think there is a concert at the Salzburg church evening of 6/10 for Whitsun/Pentecost.

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I took the gas tour in 2015. We attended a Dvorak concert at the Mirabel palace. There was no dinner. We really enjoyed it and the room in the palace was beautiful. The hotel owner had a signup sheet at the desk and they took care of purchasing tickets the day of the concert. Just another option for you.

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I've heard it was fun, but touristy. We skipped it -- the only ones in our group who did so -- in favor of an evening concert up in the Salzburg fortress. Very intimate in a gold-adorned room, a small group played a couple hours of classical music amidst large open windows of the sun setting over Salzburg and the amazing nighttime view afterward. Much more worth it, in my opinion. I didn't hear anything "wow" about the Mozart concert afterward.

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While on the GAS tour in May 2018 we booked through my phone tickets to the concert at the Mirabelle Palace and it was FANTASTIC!!! One of the best we've ever been to.

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Both tours I was on that went through Salzburg did not include this. Only a few opted for it, mainly because of the dress code. Our guide took care of buying the tickets to get a group discount. Those who went enjoyed it a lot, from what I remember. I didn't attend either time.

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On our GAS tour in 2013 it was not included but our tour guide made the reservations for all who were interested. It was a lovely event. Music was superb and the dinner was great. Highly recommend. One of our cherished memories of that trip.

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Only a few opted for it, mainly because of the *dress code*.

Been a couple of years so my memory is fuzzy, but I don't think I had to dress too formally. We travel winter and our up dress is fairly casual.

Found this:

Attraction representative Salzburg Concerts Salzburg, Austria:

The dress code is “smart casual”, this is correct.

Being aware that many of our visitors are on a holiday trip, we don’t
expect them to wear full evening dress. On the other hand, considering
the special atmosphere of the Baroque Hall, sportswear, shorts,
flip-flops, etc. … are not appreciated.

Hope this information is useful :-)