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Morning Start Times for Venice, Florence, Rome Tour

We will be going on the VFR tour shortly. My late night husband is curious about the start times for the days.

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When I did this tour in 2016, most of the start times (from what I remember) were anywhere between 8:00 am to 8:30 am. The only day we had a really early start was the day we visited the Vatican as the Rome metro workers had a planned strike. That might have been as early as 7:00 am just so we could get to the Vatican before the strike began. Enjoy your tour!

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Assuming you are from the US, his 'late night' will be early morning, at least for the first couple of days.

The RS tours I have been on had start times consistent with what Beth said

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I took this tour two years ago and usually we gathered sometime between 8:00-9:00, we had a wonderful time. One of the things that makes the RS tours great is everyone makes it a point to be at the bus or walking tour on time so people don’t end up waiting on each other. Hope you have a awesome trip!!!

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I'll add that it depends on whether its a day you will take the coach to the next city, versus a day you will be walking on a local tour. Adjustments made for scheduled museum or entry times, or traffic problems.

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We did VFR last year. Most days were 8:30-9 starts. Might have been earlier the day we left Venice, as it takes awhile to get out of the city and to the bus to Florence. Our last full tour day in Rome was an 8:15 start for San Clemente/Colosseum/Forum.