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Meeting Roommate For London Tour May 21- 27

I will be doing Rick"s 7 day tour of London in May and would like to get to know my roommate. I would enjoy meeting Carol from Henrietta New York. I am from Seattle and also noticed their are couples from the Seattle area that I would like to converse with also.

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Hi Charlie, and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, most people who take RS tours don't participate in the forum and it's very unlikely you will be able to connect.

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When RS staff runs out of stuff to do, perhaps they could add a feature to the tour sign up process: "May we share your email with tour members?" making what OP wants to do feasible.

Perhaps Webmaster could comment on this topic.?

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You might contact the RS office and ask them to share your email with Carol. Enjoy your trip!

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I’ll just add…are you going by the participant list to determine who your roommate might be? If so, it’s entirely possible “Carol” has paid the single supplement and you will be in a room of your own.

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A assume that you got your tour member list and it shows one other solo person, correct? RS will not share any contact info ahead of time. In the old days they used to share first and last names and stopped doing so in the age of the Google. Not sure what you're wanting to chat about ahead of time, you'll have plenty of time to get to know people on your trip.

As Pam noted, the other person might have paid the single supplement. The RS office might tell you whether they did (they might not). I myself got lucky on a prior tour with four single people - three of them paid the single supplement and I had not, so I got my own room. But that's pretty rare circumstance.

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CL- maybe not so rare. My last RS tour there were 5 single ladies and 4 of us paid for the single supplement. So the 5th got a single room at no extra charge. Two of those who paid the supplement were traveling together but wanted their own rooms.