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May vs. Sept. for Best of the Adriatic

When the 2023 tours are open for booking, we're planning to register for Best of the Adriatic, with uncertainty as to whether we should go in the second half of May or some time in September. Does anyone have helpful input?

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What does your decision depend on? For weather I usually pick Sept over May. Weather patterns, as a rule, are usually more stable in Autumn than in Spring. Temps for those two months are often comparable with Sept maybe being slightly warmer. Crowds will pretty much be the same in both, if that's your criteria. Either are good times to travel. I almost always travel in May, Sept, or Oct.

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Ditto--late May is lovely, lots of flowers in bloom, but the sea is quite chilly until the very end of May.
Early to mid September will be much warmer, but lovely for swimming.

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We took the Adriatic tour in September 2018. We arrived in Ljubljana 2 days prior to the tour on September 2. The weather that year was lovely. Moderate temperatures. One of our very favorite RS Tours! Our beach time was wonderful. The sea was warm.

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I did the RS Adriatic tour several years ago beginning on April 30. The weather was clear and sunny the entire time. Everything was quite beautiful. It was not cold. We spent quite a bite of free time outside.

Additionally, I completed the RS Eastern Europe tour in September. For me it was a bit cooler than I prefer. But I had an exceptional time. The guide was outstanding.