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March 2022 Tour

I've been putting off booking flights for our March 2022 RS tour due to Covid. It looks like many Feb-March-April tours that were sold out now have openings. Does anyone know how few travelers a RS tour needs to commence?

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anything that they did prior to covid may be quite different now. Only the company will know. Give them a call...

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We are planning for the March 7th Athens and the Heart of Greece tour. This post has set off alarm bells, since our departure is less than 2 months away and our final payment is due in less than a month. We are planning for many contingencies but tour cancellation due to lack of participants is not one. At what point would RS let us know that the tour was cancelled?
I have started making my packing piles. I have to GO somewhere.

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We received a call from RS today stating that our March 14 Athens/Greece tour was cancelled due to low numbers. We decided to move our reservation to the March 12 tour because they had openings.

I was told they want the tours to go as planned, however it appears they need a certain level of travelers.

We are cautiously optimistic that the March 12 tour will happen.

My heart goes out to all of the Greek businesses that are being affected by the cancellations.

If you haven't heard from RS your tour should be a go. If you still have questions send them an email or call.

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I’m booked for a 3/20/22 tour. No word on it being cancelled yet, 🤞. Did get an email last week that groups will be smaller than usual to accommodate social distancing.

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Following this post with interest. We’re on the 3/23 heart of Portugal tour. I check every day to see if the tour changes from ‘waitlist’ to ‘filling fast’ but so far it’s still not showing spaces available so I’m taking that as a good sign for now! Of course I know there’s no guarantees and things may change. Hoping for the best!