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Malpensa or Linate?

I will be on the Village Italy tour next spring. For anyone who has previously taken this RS trip-how long does does it take to get from the final destination (Lake Orta) to either Milan Malpensa or Linate airports, and is one airport closer than the other? Thanks.

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I have done this tour. Malpensa is closer to Orta San Giulio and in fact is closer than Milan. Linate is further away (east side of Milan from Orta) and I would want to spend the night in Milan before catching a flight out of there.

On your other thread about JFK I asked about DFW to Amsterdam direct flights. IF this is a possibility, you might have to leave out of Linate instead of Malpensa. In that event, you could get transportation to the Milan Termini (main train station). From there get transportation to Linate and fly from Linate to AMS that afternoon. Overnight in AMS and get a flight the next AM to DFW.

I actually spent the night in Milan and took a cab to Linate VERY early the next AM. Flew to AMS and then directly to SLC later that AM. I am NOT a fan of having to leave at the crack of dawn to get to an international hub to fly back to the Western US so personally I have decided that I'll just overnight in AMS if I have to do that again. I'm retired so I've got plenty of time and I realize not everyone is in that situation.

BTW, your guide will assist with transport options from Orta to wherever. Ours started working about Day 3 to see who was going where at what time and had us grouped together for shuttles in to Milan. It was less expensive that way and worked really, really well!

This tour is terrific!

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Looking at AA flights from Milan to DFW, it appears what you are contemplating is MXP-DFW, via JFK. AA199-MXP-JFK and AA 1274 JFK-DFW.

AA seems to believe it is doable.

If something does go awry, they have a number ( looks like 4) later flights to put you on.

Your airline will determine which airport you will use in Milan, and n the case it seems to be MXP, which is the easier to get to.

Looks like you will be up early that day to get a 1020 flight.

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Milan Malpensa-MXP is closer to Lake Maggiore and Orta than Linate-LIN.
You should expect changes to any flights you book so far advance. It always happens to me when I do this, sometimes by only a few minutes in flight time, many hours in other cases.

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We are taking the Village Italy tour next April. At the end of the tour we will probably head to Milan and stay overnight. Then we will fly from Milan Linate to Dublin, stay overnight outside of Dublin, the fly home to Connecticut the following day.

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Thanks to all for your input. There are several options available, but I will take the advice of allowing more time between flights. I limit myself somewhat by wanting to fly premium economy, but I found direct flights from DFW to Heathrow & from there I could fly to Venice & out of Milan.