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We plan to have a day trip to Lubeck from Hamburg. Is it easy to do a city walk on our own? Is there any literature that will be a guide for a city walk, I could not find it in RS Germany book. Thanks.

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Yes would be easy to do a city walk on your own because the old town island is not too big. Unfortunately Lübeck is not in any RS guidbook mentioned but it is a gem full of history.

I would suggest to do a private tour becasue the story behind Lübeck and its Hanseatic League heritage is quite interesting. Same for Lübeck's Gänge und Höfe (passages and courtyards) - quite unique and not easy to find.

Unfortunately I can't recommend any tour guide but hopefully some other forum members or Tripadvisor might be able to help.

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We were in Lubeck in 2018 and enjoyed the Hanseatic museum and the Willy Brandt house museum. Both had plenty of information in English and we just used a map from the tourist office to find our way around.

Be warned if you go to the Hanseatic museum that it is extensive and will take around 3 hours to see it properly.