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Loire to the South of France or Best of Eastern France

I can't decide which tour to take in 2015. They both look very interesting. Any thoughts?

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I haven't taken the Eastern France tour, but have taken both the Heart of France and Loire/South of France. I enjoyed both. The L/SF was more active in that there was a canoe ride, which I enjoyed. Plus, I got to enjoy market day in Sarlat. On this tour, you will experience foie gras and visit a local goose farmer, at least my tour did. The only negative remembrance I have was the heat. I had to go in July and the further south the tour went, the more uncomfortable it became. I remember reaching Nice and being so thankful for the refreshing ocean breezes. I spent one lazy afternoon on the beach. So, I would suggest time of year should be considered when taking the L/SF tour.

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They are both interesting tours. I had the same problem I had a choice between the two tours a few years ago and I choose The Loire to the South of France. I still would like to go on the Best of Eastern France tour, but haven't yet. I only choose the Loire to the South of France because I wanted to see the castles and did enjoy it. I loved the tour and highly recommend it, but really a flip of the coin and you can't go wrong with either tour. I did enjoy Sarlat which looked right out of the Beauty and the Beast
Disney movie! Go on this website and look at the online scrapbooks of both tours, read all the comments regarding both tours, watch all the Free videos this website has and the YouTube free travel videos that show all the places both tours go to and Tumbir, Instagram, Pinterest all have free photos of all the places. A picture is worth a 1000 words and looking at all the videos, listening to the free RS podcasts you can down load from ITunes and other places will enable you to make a better informed decision. Also see if you can get the Best of France RS guide book from your library and you can read about all the places. Either tour will be wonderful. Pick a tour and go with it, you won't regret it. Have a great trip.

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Thanks for your comments. I am reading about both tours and have some time to make my decision.

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Hi. I posted a very similar question last month, and got some great responses, one of which was from "ann", who responded to yours as well. You might drop down the list a bit and look for "Which France Tour." You'll find a few more insights there.

We haven't decided which one yet, either, but we're having fun trying to choose.