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Leaving for Turkey in 13 Hours

I am ticking off the last items on my checklist for my Best of Turkey tour that starts September 02. We will arrive in Istanbul August 31. I am a little nervous because my bag and my son's bag only weigh 14 pounds each. We both have small personal items as well. My bag last year weighed 20 pounds and I can't figure out what I am leaving out that weighed 6 pounds! I am taking less toiletries and it does help having a travel buddy, because some things we can share. I also decided to leave my second pair of shoes at home. I usually don't buy very many souvenirs, but I have plenty of space this time.
I am trying to keep myself busy tonight so I am not tempted to add things I don't need.
I will come back next month and do a trip report.

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Have a great trip! Turkey is so much fun!

Have you thought about the hot air ballon ride in Cappadocia?

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Don't worry! Plenty of places to purchase anything you may need that you didn't pack. It will be a fascinating trip.

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Have a terrific time and don't fret! Anything important you have forgotten can be purchased there. Turkey is awesome! and I'll be watching for that trip report!

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Definitely a yes to the hot air balloon ride. I am hoping for good, calm weather.
Thanks for the reassurance of buy whatever you need when you get there.
I know I am not going to sleep tonight......

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How exciting! Have fun! Also, congratulations on managing to pack such a light bag.

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Looking forward to the trip report. Have a wonderful time!

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Have a terrific time! Take notes and when you do your TR maybe by then you’ll have figured out what you cut out! What a wonderful way to make memories with your son.

Safe travels!

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Have a fabulous trip. I hope you and your son create many wonderful memories!

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I can't figure out what I am leaving out that weighed 6 pounds!

Sometimes regular shoes can weigh up to two pounds; depending. As you mentioned, you are taking less toiletries. Are you taking lighter weight clothing compared to your other trip? Leaving home an IPad? Anything like those would make a difference.

The most important things to not forget would be (of course)

  1. Your Passports
  2. Tickets, Boarding Passes
  3. Credit Cards, Money
  4. Phones and chargers
  5. Adapters
  6. Itinerary on phone or hard copy
  7. Contact numbers for family, RS Company, Banks
  8. Any necessary meds needed