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Lauterbrunnen Valley in early May 2002

We are on the April 17 BOE 21 Tour
We will be in the Lauterbrunnen Valley May 2nd and 3rd
any recommendations on things to do this early in the season?
And what to wear?

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I'm female (and very cold-natured), which may make a difference here.

Layers for sure. You'd potentially need them even in the middle of the summer because altitude really affects temperature.

I was glad to have 97% nylon slacks (PrAna, Columbia, etc.) for Andalucia in April and Scotland in the summer--places/times where I feared chilly, wet weather. The slacks weren't waterproof but were pretty good at shedding rain. With long johns underneath (merino wool in this case; sometimes I use polypropylene) I never got chilled to the bone. Those slacks really made a difference.

I always take a waterproof rain jacket; my trips are too long to drag a full-length raincoat around, but on a 21-day tour I might change my mind.

I take waterproof shoes on any trip with a substantial amount of time in potentially rainy areas--which would be just about anywhere in Europe in April.

Some sort of gloves would be a good idea. You might not need them, but they won't take up much room. I'd also consider a warm hat. I always travel with a sun hat and have never really needed anything warmer on my head in Europe, but I haven't been to Switzerland before Memorial Day. I use one of those ear-wrap things when I take domestic trips in the winter; I hate cold ears.