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Laundry opportunities on Best of England tour

I was wondering which stops on the Best of England tour have convenient self service laundromats. We’re going in 2018 and would rather wash our clothes in a laundromat instead in the room. Thanks.

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A number of people used the laundry in Keswick. Many dropped off their loads early in the AM and picked them up later in the day. I didn’t walk over there so don’t know if there were self service machines or not.

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My wife and I are going on this trip also in early June so I have been doing some research. In England a laundromat is called a "launderette" and if you want them to do the laundry for you ask for a "service wash". This is a great way to go as you can still do the tour while your laundry is being taken care of. I know we will be looking for this service. There also are launderettes in Conwy and York.

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What Pam said. The drop off/pick up laundry in Keswick worked great, and was very reasonable as I remember.

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I did the Best of England tour and everyone did their wash in Keswick. It's a wonderful tour and I loved it. Have a great time!

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The laundry has both drop off service and do it yourself machines. Service was OK and accomplished what was needed.

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Because I prefer non-perfumed laundry detergent, I take several pods in my luggage. It also saves time and money buying laundry detergent there. One pod per load and you just toss it into the washer with the clothes. Launderettes are common in England. Just ask at your hotel if you don't see one. There always seems to be an attendant there to make change.

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When I took the tour, everyone in the group did laundry in Keswick. At that time, the RS tours had a special rate at the suggested laundry that costs only £1 more for them to do the wash, dry, and fold, vs. you using their self serve machines (no special laundering requests, no ironing). So everyone let them do the work. We enjoyed the free time that gave us to do some additional exploring around the town. They did a good job and used soap that was not too smelly and caused me no issues (I am unfortunately overly sensitive to fragrance and other soap additives).