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Laundry on Best of South Italy

I'll soon be meeting up with my tour group for the Best of South Italy. I know our guide will be an invaluable source of information, but I'm wondering if others who have taken the tour have suggestions. I'd like to do laundry (or have it done for me) in Matera or Positano. Anyone have a good laundry experience in these towns?

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I just googled Positano laundromat and got this hit from TA: Laundromat/Coin Operated Laundry in Positano. This is L'Arcobaleno Lavanderia.

There is also a laundry service, where as you drop off and they deliver to you, discussed in this posting. This one is named, Lavanderia Elisa.

In the posting there are addresses and suggestions on how to reach both places. I hope this helps. I will be taking the South Italy tour next fall, so I will need to remember this information, also. Another thing, the guide will let tour members know when there are possible days to do laundry. One of these two just might be their recommendations.

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Thanks, Debra. I googled and found that information. I was hoping for some first-hand experiences.