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Laundry on Best of Ireland and Portugal tours

We will be taking the Best of Ireland (14 Day) and Best of Portugal (12 day) tours back to back plus a week in Paris on our own. Even though we will be traveling 7 weeks, we still will carry-on so laundry will need to be done. In the past, we have done sink laundry and that has worked pretty well.

For those of you that have taken either or both tours, was there any time during the tour to either take the laundry somewhere and do it yourself or have it done by the hotel?

I appreciate any advice you might have!

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Cindy, you might inquire of the RS staff in Edmunds about that, for your tours. I have taken 11 RS tours including the wonderful Portugal tour, and in most or all cases, the guide had arranged a laundry service mid-tour. Usually the arrangement was you could leave a bag of laundry at the front desk first thing one morning, and it would be returned washed and folded that evening or early the next morning, at a very reasonable cost. Sometimes, there is a laundry near the hotel, and you can drop off for similar service.

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Usually you find out with your list of hotels. I took the BOI tour and the laundry was at the Dingle hotel....

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Thanks for the information!

Larry: I emailed the RS office as you suggested so will see what they say. Great idea.

Steph and Kim: I wondered about Dingle as it shows we are there 3 nights. That would be a perfect spot for us taking in the number of days we will have travelled.

Thanks so much!

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Cindy, We were on Best of Ireland in 2019. The tour stayed at two B & B's in Dingle, adjacent to one another, where laundry service was offered to everyone. You could have your clothes washed, dried, and folded for 20 euros...whatever you could fill into a provided paper sack. Best purchase of the entire tour!