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Laundry on Belgium Netherlands Tour

Does anyone know which city on the Belgium Netherlands tour is recommended for laundry? Is it a laundromat or is it a paid service provided by hotel? I have had both experiences on RS tours. Thanks!

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When I took that tour, I did laundry at the hotel in Bruges. It was a little early in the tour, but had the time. Hotel we were in had one washer and one dryer (not coin operated). Paid when checking out (they knew who was doing laundry because the machines were in a locked room and they had to let you in). Did not see other options nearby at that time.

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I vaguely recall also doing laundry at the hotel in Bruges (Hotel Adornes?). Of course if your tour uses a different hotel, that one may not have laundry facilities.

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Hi Anne,

I have not been on the RS Belgium Netherlands Tour. However, I traveled to Amsterdam, Brugge, and Brussels, and their are plenty of laundries available. For instance in Amsterdam, we found a reasonably priced place (in between the Jordan and Dam Square (sorry I can't be more specific; but it was listed in the RS Guidebook) where we dropped off our clothes in the AM and picked up that same day.


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Thanks for the info. Glad to hear there are options. I will be joining the tour after traveling in the UK and am trying to travel light. I was surprised on a recent Ireland trip when laundromats were rare.

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We also did our laundry at the Hotel Adornes in Bruges. It was halfway through the tour so it was the ideal time to do it. We paid the hotel and they handled it, while we went bike riding. They almost lost our white laundry. After we got back from the bike ride, we found the colored laundry but the white was missing. After an afternoon snack of mussels courtesy of our guide, we "tore the laundry room apart". Turns out it was buried under some towels in one of the many laundry baskets that were in there. I would have enjoyed my mussels more if I knew where the laundry was.

Laundry is a necessary evil when you travel light. On our Italy tour we used the coin laundry in the hotel in Florence. The machines were small and slow, and it took us the whole afternoon to wash a week's worth of laundry for three people. It was the free afternoon in Florence and I would rather have been exploring the gardens.

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We have gone to Europe of 13 of the last 14 years and during that time we have taken a RS tour every year. Only once did we use a laundromat where we had to sit there and watch our stuff. A bad use of our limited time. We checked the prices that the hotel would have charged us before hand and found it very expensive so that is why we went to a laundromat. After that experience we went our and purchase clothing that can be sink washed and is quick drying, mostly ExOfficio, so every since we wash our laundry in our room sink as we need to, hang it up in the bathroom and it is ready to go in the morning. Saves money for extra treats and takes very little time.

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There's a great laundromat in Amsterdam called The Clean Brothers on the Westerstraat close to the Prinsengracht. You can drop your laundry and pick it up later or do it yourself. They are open 7 days' a week. Nice area to explore also, in the old Jordaan, with lots of cafes, galleries and shops to enjoy whilst your laundry is being done. They speak English. Good service. Great coffee next door!

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Just returned from the tour. The Hotel Adornes in Bruges offers their 2 washers and 2 dryers for your use ( do your own) for 8 Euros a load. We arrived for the trip a couple of days early, so this stop worked well as a half way laundry stop. We did our one load after supper one night so we did not miss any sight-seeing time during the day. You are there for 3 nights so there is adequate time.