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Itinerary Question - Paris & Heart of France

Hi, we are thinking about signing up for this tour in 2020. Can anyone who has done this tour recently let us know what they did in lieu of visiting Notre Dame Cathedral on Day 2? Just wondering. thanks!

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We did this tour May 2019. Our tour walked by Notre Dame and our guide discussed the fire, recovery, history, gave a demo on how the flying buttresses help support her. I was told by the office that the tour never went inside. In the past, could went in on your own. They still had some streets closed close to ND.

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It is true that the tour never went inside in the past as a group. We stood outside and The guide shared history , pointed out features, and gave lunch suggestions and the rest of the afternoon was free time to explore Paris on your own. Most of us did end up walking through afterwards.

I think you will enjoy this tour!

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I agree with Carol, this is an excellent tour! I hope you can plan to arrive a day or two before to adjust to jet lag, then stay after if you can.

If you’ve not been to Paris the tour only has enough time to barely scratch the surface.

If you HAVE been to Paris you’ll know you barely have enough time to scratch the surface for a repeat visit, lol!!

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We were on the same tour as Kim, and had been on a couple of other RS tours that included Paris. Actually, we were given more information this time about the structure and history of Notre Dame than on previous tours, I think because of the recent fire.

Kim, I had forgotten about the demonstration of how flying buttresses work. Our guide had us demonstrate, using our own bodies, how buttresses stabilize a structure. But we couldn't get anyone to climb up on top of us and be a steeple.

This is a great tour, by the way. I can't imagine you would regret taking it. The Notre Dame portion is only about 30 minutes out of one day.

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Thanks to everyone who responded. I did this tour solo in 2009 and am trying recruit a traveling partner to do it again. Looks like the itinerary is still the same. I went inside Notre Dame but must have done it on my own. So sad.