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Travelling with my friend. Looking at first 2 weeks in may. I was in Rome for a week last October. My friend has not . Any tips would be much appreciated

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Since you are using this website, my tip is to read the information already here -- see the Explore Europe menu top left of this page. Specific questions get useful replies.

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Southam is right. You need to start with some research. Or maybe you need a guided tour where the itinerary is pre-defined.

2 weeks for three countries is hard to do. You can do three big cities, perhaps, in that time, but none of them well. Expensive to country-hop, too.

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What if you saw this from a European-“Traveling with a friend. Visiting the US for two weeks. I’ve been in NYC for a week, she has not. Any tips?” You’d throw your hands up, right?

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If you haven't already booked your flights, I would just do Spain. Fly to Madrid or Barcelona and fly home from the other one. Visit Madrid and Barcelona, maybe Seville. You can take multiple day trips from Madrid and Barcelona - your choices depend on your interests.

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Since you've posted under the forum for Rick Steves tours, I'll tell you none of his tours cover all 3 countries.

I also expect you didn't really mean you wanted to take one of his tours, so I'd default to the advice given.

You've also listed 3 countries and you've been to 1 city in one of the countries. In 2 weeks you could do Paris, Madrid and Rome flying between them and booking your airline tickets as open jaw - in to Paris and out of Rome. You will lose a 1/2 a day moving between locations. Your beginning 2 days are used up with travel from the US (assuming you are coming from the US) and the last day will have no time to tour, so you've really got 11 full days - 4 Paris, 3 Madrid, 4 Rome. Your arrival day doesn't count for much but you'd have that extra night in Paris.

That might be a trip you'd enjoy altho it would be too much long-distance travel for me!

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All three of those countries are amongst the largest and most populated in Europe.

You need to narrow down your question in order to get a reasonable answer.