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Is Wales worth awhile or longer??

Ciphering on doing Scotland / Ireland back to back RS Tours in September. An option at the conclusion of the last -- Ireland, is maybe a week in London. Appreciate any with first hand knowledge -- if a route when leaving Dublin through Wales, with maybe a couple of stops makes sense. Will not have a car. The major draw seems to be the land and seascapes. Like history, architecture and photo ops. "IF" a good share is mostly similar of already viewed -- then will not pursue this line of thought. Any, and all insights appreciated. Thank you.

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I've really enjoyed my visits to Wales but I would not add it on to Ireland and Scotland just because you may feel by then that castle ruins are castle ruins are castle ruins. They aren't, of course, but it can feel that way on your 4th week. But then, after I did a back to back with Villages of Southern England and Best of Scotland I was sorry I did 2 tours with some of the same basic culture/history. It has worked better for me to do back to backs with very different history - Britain and France or Paris and Italy. YMMV. I WOULD spend time in London though - I can never have enough time there!

I've visited Wales with a car and then on 2 different tours. I'm not sure how easy it is to see some of the interesting things depending on public transport.

I'd fly from Dublin to London instead of doing the ferry/train connection. I've looked at the crossing times on that and it just takes too long for my travel style. Plus the Welsh guide I had one time kept telling us how many ferry crossings were cancelled or delayed because of bad weather/seas.

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I've been to Wales twice. Both times I was there about a week. The first time we traveled mostly by train: London to Shrewsbury, then southwest to Tenby (enjoying stops along the way). The second time we took a bus from London to Bath to Chepstow where we hired a car from a local garage. We were able to wend our way as far as St. David's.

I've yet to journey north of Aberystwyth where the country is more rugged, so I truly hope to visit Wales again someday!

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I really enjoyed the two days we spent in Conwy, Wales on the Best of England tour. Between the sheep farm, National Slate Museum and Bodnant Gardens, there was much to see. I would like to the Gardens on a sunny day as they were spectacular even in the rain. I also enjoyed a night of folk music in Conwy at the local folk music gathering (Mondays).

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I would consider going straight to London. Transportation from Ireland to the UK is best done by air.