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Is train service from Lucia to Rome reliable?

We're doing the Heart of Italy tour in the fall. It does not include Lucca, but many people have recommended it, so we thought we'd leave Florence (the end of the tour) and head to Pisa and then to Lucia. my husband is worried that train service from Lucca to Rome (where we pick up our flight home) is unreliable -- but I've not seen anything to give me pause. Anyone have information/warnings/reassurances?

Thank you!

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We did this exact trip in November and had no problems. We changed trains in Florence. There were no strikes happening at the time; not sure what the situation will be later this year. I will tell you we made the trip the day before our flight home. I would not want to do it on the day of my flight unless my flight was mid afternoon or later. I’m pretty risk averse when it comes to expensive flights.

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What does he think unreliable is? Unless there is a strike -- and they are generally announced with lots of publicity -- Italian trains are as reliable as any other country's train system. However, I would make sure to be in Rome the night before departing. That is just being smart.

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After seven trips to IT and getting around by train, the worst thing that happened to me was a 2h delay going from the Cinque Terre to Rome. I agree with both Carroll and Frank, depart Lucca the day before your departure from Rome. You will need to transfer once, but the total trip will take 3h 30. If you sleep in Rome the night before flying home get off at Rome’s Termini station:

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my husband is worried that train service from Lucca to Rome (where we pick up our flight home) is unreliable -

Are you planning to go from Lucca to Rome the day you fly?
If so, Yes, lots to worry about.

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Thank you for all the replies! No, we would be making our way from Lucca to Rome the day BEFORE we fly home. Staying overnight near the airport and then flying home. So it sounds like we wouldn't have anything to worry about. Thanks!

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when you are buying tickets or boarding trains be careful with the spelling. We worked out that you meant Lucca. Computers may not come up with the same answers.

The main station in Venice is Santa Lucia (St Lucy, she with the eye difficulty).

You don't want to accidentally wind up all the way across the country in Venice!!! (well I would, but that's another story)

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Flixbus runs two direct buses from Lucca to Roma Tiburtina station, where you can take an airport train to Fiumicino. Unfortunately the first bus departs at 3 AM and the second at 7 PM. Other bus companies may depart at more civilized times, check on Rome2Rio.

If you decide to go by train via Florence, you can get off the high speed train either at Roma Termini or at Roma Tiburtina. The latter is closer to Florence, but it's a pass-through station whereas Roma Termini is - not surprisingly - a terminal one.