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Is laundry available on Best of Sicily?

I have searched but have been unable to locate this answer. We are on Best of Sicily end of April, and with a few days pre-tour in Rome we will need laundry options. For those who have taken this tour in the past year, do you have recollection of laundry availability.
Thanks in advance?

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I took this tour last spring. Although I washed some small items in the sink, I also used the laundry service that the hotels offered. Anytime we spent two nights in a hotel, it was possible to get laundry done. If I recall, at least one hotel offered a flat rate for a bag of laundry (rather than charging per piece, so it was much less expensive). The tour guide usually knows which hotel has the best deal and probably knows if there are coin-operated laundries nearby (although I don’t really want to spend my limited time doing laundry). Having spent thousands of dollars on the trip, I don’t sweat spending some more for someone else to do my laundry.

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Yes -- I was on this tour last March-April and the tour hotel in Ortigia had a service -- one bag for 20 euros which was sufficient for my husband and I. Just drop it off the first morning we were there and we had clean and folded clothes before we headed off on own next tour stop -- delightful.

Our tour guide Alfio also pointed out a laundromat a short walk from the hotel for anyone who preferred to do their own wash.

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Yes. Palmero hotel or DIY drop launderette in same neighborhood. This would get your restarted after 3 days in Rome.

As mentioned any 2 night stay works. I had my laundry ready in a separate bag. At check-in I easily left it with them and it was back the next day or the same day.

I was there in October. I packed lighter than my usual. It was very warm or hot at times. I needed to do laundry more than usual. I used hotels 3 times as I arrived 2 night early for Palermo and post tour I went to Rome for few days. I preferred the hotels so I could use my free time for other things.

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We took this tour last April and yes, in Ortigia, we walked a block to the laundromat. A very kind Italian man who was doing his own laundry gave us the rest of his bottle of detergent. Otherwise, you will buy it either in the laundromat or at the small grocery store next-door.