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Ireland 8 day tour in the summer?

Can anyone tell me the basic demographics of those that take the Ireland 8 day tour in the summer?
We are in our late 40s/early 50's and are looking for diverse age groups, not all younger nor all older than us. Thoughts?

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Based on our experience taking many RS tours, you will probable be somewhere in the middle so far as age is concerned. Some in their 20s & 30s and some in their 60s and even older. The ages on all our tours have been very diverse.

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Shannon, I have found that summer tours have more of a mix in ages. There are more young people, college age students, teachers and families. The tours in non-summer months tend to be more couples, with ages from 50's to upper 60's. But you will see a little bit of everything on these tours. Also, hello "fellow Texan", you are just down the road from me!

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We took the Ireland tour, Best of Ireland 14 Days, in July 2012. There were no younger people on this tour. This was the first tour, I have taken 12, where there were only older people. I was surprised as it was summer. RS tours usually have a few 18-30 age bracket represented. That said there was a mix of ages, I would say 40-80.

Ireland is so beautiful, in my opinion. Dingle was our favorite. I hope you enjoy your tour.

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I wouldn't necessarily put an emphasis on trying to find a tour that is really intergenerational (which could be hard to find anyway). People age so differently, so one person's 50 is another's 35. I think it's more about the kind of people that pick RS tours over any other tour.

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We took the 14 Day Ireland and we had a complete mix of ages. We are in our late 50s. We had couples older than us, a family with children 10 and 12, a single woman and her two college age children, and some other couples in their 40s. We all had fun, all were engaging. Wonderful group of people.

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I took the best of Ireland 2014 in 1st part of august. we had 27 tour members and I was the youngest. I turned 56 while I was on my trip. Mostly couples and few singles. I went with my sister. lots of school employees (me included) and retirees. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I am considering take the heart of Ireland 8 day tour with my husband in 2018 and combine it with Scotland 10day. Happy travels.


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We are doing that tour the first week in August. We are in our early 50's. My aunt and uncle are joining us they are in their mid 70's and very active. This will be their 3rd RS tour in 3 years.